Tom Hanks Is America’s Beloved Actor

Tom Hanks is a widely revered and beloved actor from his generation, earning him multiple accolades such as Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys for his acting, producing, writing, and producing skills.

He has experienced both highs and lows in life. From his turbulent childhood and initial marriage to achieving career success and domestic happiness with his wife Rita Wilson.

He Knows You’re Alone

Tom Hanks usually remains calm when someone threatens his wife Rita Wilson; however, when fans crowd around her as she was leaving a New York restaurant Wednesday night and almost caused her to trip, Hanks becomes angry and tells them off angrily. According to TMZ footage posted recently by fans crowded around Wilson as she headed toward her car near Hanks’ car, Hanks became indignant and angrily told fans back off, telling them not to get so close as one fan bumps Wilson nearly causing Wilson to trip.

Hanks was outraged to see onlookers pushing Wilson toward their vehicle and demanding selfies with Hanks while Wilson attempted to reach it without incident. Hanks called out their antics as “knocking over” Wilson while trying to clear her path so she can reach it without incident. Since this clip went viral, people have been applauding Hanks’ response – many even thank him publicly!

Numerous celebrities have shared their opinions regarding this incident, with NBA star LeBron James tweeting his disapproval at Wilson being given her personal space. Others agreed with his sentiment and felt she should be allowed to keep it.

He Knows You’re Alone was Tom Hanks’ debut feature film and it showcases him quite effectively throughout almost every scene he appears in. Shot on a shoestring budget with an underwhelming palette and occasional jittery camerawork, its film grain still looks quite good; moreover, its DVD release boasts an anamorphic widescreen transfer that successfully preserves it all.


Tom Hanks had some early disappointments such as Brian De Palma’s Bonfire of the Vanities (1990) and Ron Howard’s Awkward Greyhound (1996); nevertheless, he began solidifying himself as America’s foremost drama-comedy movie star by the late 1990s. That Year He Directed (and Wrote!) That Thing You Do!, which became an international box office success. Following that he co-starred alongside Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail while also providing voice talent for Disney/Pixar’s groundbreaking animated series Toy Story (voiceovers).

His variety of work expanded further throughout the 2000s and beyond, moving even deeper into politics through roles such as James B. Donovan in Steven Spielberg’s historical drama Bridge of Spies (2015) and as editor Ben Bradlee in The Post (2017) (based on the publication of Pentagon Papers).

Hanks also found success playing serious dramatic roles, such as Andrew Beckett (Philadelphia 1993) and Bill Murray’s son in Scent of a Woman (1995). Additionally, Hanks made his Broadway debut in Lucky Guy by Ephron based on newspaper columnist Mike McAlary and received a Tony Award nomination. Subsequently in 2020 director Frank Darabont’s adaptation of Paulette Jiles’s novel The Good Shepherd as well as portraying astronaut Jim Lovell for Oscar-winning Apollo 13 film.


Hanks has long been revered as one of our greatest and most endearing comedic actors, but this role marked an aggressive stretch for him. Hanks plays Otto Anderson, an unpleasant suburbanite tasked with patrolling a small New Jersey town every morning in search of dog urine-covered lawns and disrupting paperboy deliveries – an invigorating and hilarious performance that ultimately proves too much in itself.

Hanks next appeared as an AIDS-afflicted attorney in Jonathan Demme’s 1993 drama Philadelphia before returning as Forrest Gump two years later in 1994. Over the next decade, he worked with directors such as Paul Greengrass on gritty political Western Captain Phillips (2009) and adapting C.S. Forester’s Greyhound for film in 2020, before returning to pop music history again with Baz Luhrmann’s forthcoming Elvis movie (in which Hanks will portray Presley’s manager).

Hanks can also be seen on Broadway in the Ephron-penned comedy Lucky Guy and as Mister Rogers himself in 2019 in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood biopic. Hanks recently reunited with Spielberg for the drama The Post about the publication of the Pentagon Papers; 2020 will bring him into play as a journalist seeking to return a kidnapped girl back home; plus his wife Rita Wilson will star alongside him in forthcoming drama film Volunteers about true events.


Tom Hanks excels at playing angry or exasperated roles, from crying baseball players to an unsparing dog. However, playing despondency requires him to find new depths of emotion in himself as seen with Otto (Hanks), an embittered widower determined to end his miserable existence by hanging himself. But when an appealing woman moves into Otto’s apartment complex he begins to see signs of hope – will Otto finally shake his grumpy ways and find meaning in life?

Hanks experienced renewed success after an initial string of failures during the early 1990s, as evidenced by such films as Joe Versus the Volcano, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. Subsequently, he won back-to-back Oscar Awards for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump before taking on roles such as manager of women’s baseball team A League of Their Own; James B. Donovan who defended Soviet spy Rudolf Abel in Bridge of Spies; and itinerant news reader in Ken Burns’ 2007 documentary The War.

Hanks has appeared in films such as The Terminal, Saving Private Ryan, and Toy Story as well as making his Broadway debut in Nora Ephron’s 2013 production Lucky Guy. Hanks has won multiple awards and been nominated for more than a dozen more, his work is both widely lauded by critics and beloved by audiences alike – leading him to be honored with an induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014. Hanks is married to Rita Wilson and they share four children; Colin Chet and Elizabeth Truman are their names!

Forrest Gump

As one of the most beloved movies ever created, Forrest Gump remains one of our favorite flicks – not only is it entertaining but also packed with life lessons that are valuable to society. It follows Forrest as he finds himself caught in seemingly extraordinary situations that become heroic ones; ultimately realizing that fate flutters like a feather on the wind and all we must do is follow our hearts.

Forrest, played by John Goodman in the movie, is an extremely sweet and innocent character living in an increasingly harsh world. He cares sincerely about those he meets and doesn’t shy away from speaking up when necessary; however, his dislike for arguments often causes him to become furious when someone acts aggressively towards his wife Jenny.

While serving in the army, Forrest makes friends with Bubba from Bayou La Batre. When he leaves military life behind him, Forrest pursues Bubba’s dream of running a shrimping business; trying to reconnect with Jenny but she prefers her career in stripping instead.

Hanks has long been beloved for his genuine sincerity and earnestness as an actor, always giving 100% in each performance he undertakes. But some fans can become so obsessed that they cannot control themselves around him; recently a video uploaded to TMZ showed Hanks and Wilson being mobbed by fans; some even pushed Wilson and tried to knock her over!

Saving Private Ryan

The film follows U.S. Marines on an unexpected mission behind enemy lines to locate Private Ryan, who lost three brothers during the Battle of Normandy. It became both critically and commercially successful; earning Tom Hanks critical acclaim and solidifying him as one of America’s favorite actors.

After some underperforming movies, Hanks found his groove with Splash and Philadelphia; these performances earned him a place as one of Hollywood’s premier actors of his generation.

Hanks continued to win audiences with movies like A League of Their Own and Sleepless in Seattle. Additionally, he tackled more serious topics, such as HIV/AIDS discrimination in Philadelphia or his role as an intellectually limited man in Ron Howard’s Forrest Gump.

Hanks has won over his fans with both his work and warm-hearted demeanor. He has received accolades for his support of military veterans through collaboration with Elizabeth Dole Foundation to meet their needs while advocating environmental protection and contributing to various charities. Additionally, in addition to acting roles he is known as both director (with films like That Thing You Do! and Toy Story) and voice actor of Woody. Hanks is currently working on an Elvis Presley biopic film project.

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