Which Are Eminem’s Most Successful Songs?

Eminem is one of music’s most successful rappers, boasting numerous hits and top-selling albums. But which songs stand out above the rest?

Billboard has collected 30 of Eminem’s most iconic hits. From Oscar-winning “Lose Yourself” to his breakthrough hit “Love the Way You Lie,” here is a look at the best moments from Eminem’s career.

1. Not Afraid

Eminem’s most successful song, Not Afraid, was released as the lead single from his seventh studio album Recovery in 2010. Produced by Toronto-based Boi-1da, the track quickly went viral, reaching the top of charts around the world.

The song conveys a positive message and showcases Eminem’s transformation from drugs and violence to self-discovery and becoming an incredible father. Directed by Rich Lee in May 2010, its music video received critical acclaim from both audiences and critics alike.

In the opening verse, Eminem discusses his transformation and readiness to tackle life’s obstacles. He promises not to fear anymore facing down his demons; furthermore, he pledges that he won’t become a slave to addictions anymore and won’t use drugs any longer. Additionally, Eminem feels much better now and plans on working hard to make himself an even better father.

Next, he addresses his detractors and competitors, declaring that they will not stand in the way of reaching his objectives. He vows not to allow them to ruin his life or destroy his dreams.

Eminem takes this important step as it allows him to move forward and tackle his problems head-on. He also ensures that he speaks with his family members to let them know that he’s prepared to tackle life’s obstacles head-on.

Not Afraid is an uplifting song that showcases Eminem’s courage in facing his demons and commitment to working hard to overcome them. It is one of his most influential works, helping many people cope with their problems.

2. Love the Way You Lie

Em joined Barbadian singer Rihanna on this song from Recovery, his seventh studio album. Written by producers Alex Da Kid, Skylar Grey and Eminem, the track explores their experiences of abusive relationships.

As its title suggests, this song is a ballad about love – specifically the kind that can lead to abuse if two people fail to be careful. It tells the story of a couple experiencing difficulties in their relationship and constantly fighting. They try their best to make things better by talking sweetly to each other but ultimately fail at doing so.

The opening verse depicts a couple enjoying time together, but as they begin to argue and become abusive towards each other. The song then transitions into the second verse where they talk about how their anger has spiraled out of control and they cannot stop. Ultimately, though, the lyrics express that they remain in love and will remain together even if there are arguments every day.

Though this song is one of Em’s older compositions, it remains popular with fans. With over 1.5 billion views on YouTube and an iconic hip-hop hit in its own right, it remains one of the most beloved hip-hop songs ever.

This song is one of Eminem’s signature pieces, helping him shape an entire generation. It also serves as a prime example of his ability to articulate various topics with humor and depth; from drug addiction to mental illness and sexual abuse to racism – Em was able to tackle them all with great skill.

3. The Monster

The Monster, the title track from Eminem’s second album with Rihanna, became one of 2013’s most popular songs when it debuted at number one on Billboard’s chart in November 2013. Additionally, it enjoyed massive success on Spotify where it amassed over 1 billion streams in just one week!

This was an important milestone for the rapper. It marked his first number one single with a collaboration and also his first song to reach #1 on Spotify’s charts. He’s become an established figure within music, continuing to sell albums and singles even today.

This track has become a timeless classic due to its powerful lyrics penned by some of hip-hop’s greatest voices. Truly an epic masterpiece, this song truly epitomizes lyricism at its finest.

The song’s melody was created by Bebe Rexha, a young musician working with Eminem in the studio. She had great admiration for his work and collaborated with him to craft its main hook.

She later contributed several verses to the song. This iconic track has become an essential part of Eminem’s career and was at one point his highest selling single ever.

This song by Eminem takes a retrospective look at himself and his past, honoring both his accomplishments and rewarding experiences. It’s an enchanting piece that marked his first major hit to be released with its own music video.

Rich Lee directed the music video for this song, following in the footsteps of Eminem’s past work on videos such as “Not Afraid,” “Rap God” and more. The clip follows Eminem as he sits on a couch watching an archive tape featuring photos from past performances and music performances.

4. The Marshall Mathers LP

After his success with The Slim Shady LP, Eminem returned to Aftermath Entertainment for his second major-label album, 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP. This mix of social satire, gross-out humor and bizarre music quickly went on to become one of the best-selling rap records ever – selling over 35 million copies worldwide.

Eminem’s sophomore LP continued his controversial commentary on society and media, ushering him into a whole new genre of hip-hop with his lyrics. Eminem’s delivery style allowed him to convey an array of emotions from absurd to grotesque with ease.

His songs often contained explicit language, some of which would be considered offensive by today’s standards. Nonetheless, these songs proved to be a major factor in his success and cemented him as an icon within the world of rap music.

He created a number of characters in his songs, each with their own voice and personality. His wife Kim often featured prominently in his work; indeed, one of his earliest releases “Guilty Conscience” explored both her angelic and devilish sides.

Some critics criticized his extreme violence and over-the-top humor, but The Marshall Mathers LP became an enormous success and cemented Em’s place as a household name. His slick delivery and provocative jokes earned him an enthusiastic fan base that would later help him win multiple Grammy awards.

The album boasts several memorable tracks that have endured over time, such as “Kim,” which is perhaps its most beloved track. With its dark mood and poignant message, it captures a misguided love-hate relationship in an exquisitely beautiful yet terrifying way. Additionally, this track showcases some creative visuals and sound effects which remain staples of Drake’s work today.

5. Without Me

Without Me is one of Eminem’s most successful songs and has become a beloved staple among his fans. The iconic tune reached the summit of Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in 2002 and since then it has only grown in fame and notoriety.

The lyrics of this song are intricate and contain some interesting rhyming schemes, which has made it a hit and earned it nominations for several Grammy Awards, including in 2003.

This song, released as the lead single for ‘The Eminem Show’ album in 2002, has since been highly acclaimed by its listeners. It swept the MTV Video Music Awards that year and earned numerous other accolades as well.

At the 2003 Grammy Awards, it earned a nomination for ‘Best Music Video’ and went on to win several other awards over time. Although controversial in nature, this song incorporates black music into white music – something which the rapper himself acknowledges has been done before.

In this song, the rapper announces his return to the world after two years away. He even says that he plans on giving his Slim Shady alter ego a major push – an important statement considering all of his fans have been asking for more of a slimy, crooked and psychotic version of him in recent months.

Halsey’s song is an emotional ballad that explores a toxic relationship and it is very personal for her. In a recent interview, the singer opened up about her breakup with G-Eazy and this inspired Halsey to pen the song. It is an intense piece that conveys all of Halsey’s pain and regrets from her past life. It truly captures what it meant for her to write such a powerful piece.

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