Men’s Fashion Basics – Building a Wardrobe For Any Occasion

Your wardrobe should be versatile; pieces that work together and for any occasion. This means having a few key foundation items that can be interchanged with the rest of your clothing.

Classic t-shirts are one of the most essential men’s fashion essentials you can own. They can be dressed up or down and come in various base colors, making them easy to mix and match for different looks.


Suits are a timeless style in men’s fashion, perfect for any special occasion. Suits come in various styles such as the tailored suit jacket and trousers (known as a suit coat), or the timeless tuxedo.

Suits are constructed with various fabrics, most of which are wool-based. Woolens (worsteds), where the fibers have been combed before being spun into a smooth fabric, or worsteds (which have not been combed) have more fluffy textures. All these weaves can be customized in various ways for various patterns and textures.

Color is also an important consideration when selecting a suit. White and light blues tend to be conservative, while black and navy tend to be more formal colors. Reds and brighter greens can occasionally be seen in modern suits, though these hues would not normally be worn by men on a daily basis.

Single-breasted suits usually feature two to three buttons, with four being rare. The button placement plays an integral role in the overall shape of the garment – typically, the top or center button will align closely with your natural waistline.

Similarly, the necktie and belt are essential details for a suit. They should be worn in a way that draws attention away from the shoulders and is generally not visible beneath the dress shirt. If they are, replace them with another color or opt for something more subdued like a tie or handkerchief.

It’s wise to review your closet for any suit jackets and trousers you haven’t worn in some time or don’t particularly like anymore. If so, break them up into separate items with a blazer, black pants, or pencil skirt, or inject some variety into your wardrobe by “mixing and matching” or “spezzato,” meaning broken up. This allows you to expand your selection of suits without having to buy an entirely new one.


If you’re searching for the ideal outfit to wear to an interview or want to create a classic formal ensemble, shirts are one of the most versatile wardrobe-building tools available. With various weave strengths and colors as well as various fabrics available, finding one that fits your style and suits any occasion should be effortless.

A superior shirt should feature a smooth, crisp collar and cuffs with no loose threads. Furthermore, it should have excellent stitch tension and an impressive stitch-per-inch count to guarantee a long-lasting garment that won’t catch or break when exposed to sharp objects.

When selecting a shirt, remember its intended use and ensure its fabric and cut are appropriate for the occasion. Dress shirts should be worn with a suit; conversely, casual button-down shirts offer more comfort for everyday use and can easily go with anything.

Cotton remains the traditional fabric choice for men’s shirts, but rayon and viscose are increasingly being added into blends alongside polyester to give these lightweight garments a soft feel. These blends often feature contrasting internal colors, creating heathered effects, which can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up with formal trousers for special occasions.

Indigo is a go-to color for casual button-downs, and the range of shades available adds an eye-catching element to your ensemble. For dressier occasions, pair an indigo shirt with chinos or tailored shorts in neutral tones for a chic look that stands out.

Cotton shirts should be durable and provide years of service. Their material should also be able to withstand sweat and moisture without becoming uncomfortable or allowing stains to form. Furthermore, the best cotton shirts offer a flattering fit so they blend in nicely with other pieces in your wardrobe.


If you’re building a wardrobe for any occasion or looking to refresh your current one, these essential pieces will help get there. They serve as the building blocks of any capsule wardrobe and can be worn time after time with ease.

A great pair of jeans can serve as the foundation for many different looks, from daytime edgy looks to evening smarter attire. When selecting jeans, opt for one with a good fit and dark wash to keep them versatile.

A stylish blazer can help dress up a pair of jeans, so having one in your collection is essential. Opt for neutral hues such as black, navy, grey, or Princes of Wales checks to achieve an effortlessly classic aesthetic.

Chinos are an indispensable wardrobe-building staple that can be paired with just about anything, so stock up on them to stay stylish. Wear them casually on the weekend or dress them up for more formal events by pairing them with a shirt and tie ensemble.

Asos is an excellent destination to purchase men’s basics, offering plenty of choices and often discounts when buying multiples. General Pants are another great option with timeless classic styles that will last a long time.

To create a successful wardrobe, it’s important to create one that reflects your goals and environment. Doing this ensures you’re wearing the appropriate types of clothing in appropriate amounts – an essential component for any great capsule wardrobe. Plus, with new trends-led pieces arriving regularly, feel free to experiment with your look!


Fashion trends come and go, but some timeless staples never fade – like men’s clothing basics like a good button-down shirt and dark indigo jeans. These serve as the foundation from which you can add trend-driven details as desired, helping keep you looking sharp throughout the year.

A great pair of shoes is essential for any wardrobe. You should have at least two pairs – one casual shoe like a sneaker or flat boot; and another dressier option like a brogue or oxford.

Additionally, consider investing in some neutral shoes such as black, white, and nude. These will go with most outfits and help you avoid having to select different shoes for each look.

Another wardrobe-building essential is a warm, reliable sweater. Not only will it keep you cozy no matter the temperature outside, but its color can make you stand out from others as well. During colder months, opt for cream; however, if desired, play around with different shades and patterns.


Accessories are an integral part of your style arsenal and should be taken into account when creating a look for work or play. Not only can they add a special touch to an outfit, but they can also give you a professional edge at work and help you look your best overall.

Accessories come in an array of styles, shapes, and sizes so that you can find something to match your individual taste and personality. Many are functional – like bags or watches – while others are simply matters of personal taste.

When selecting accessories, the key to success is simplicity. Don’t go overboard with multiple colors or patterns; choose one or two that work together harmoniously and balance them out with the rest of your ensemble.

Another accessory tip is to ensure you have enough sleeves to cover your arms. A hat can be an eye-catching way to add some flair and interest without going overboard; Jacquemus offers eight unique color options in their bucket hat collection.

Consider wearing a pocket square and tie. Many stores offer these in sets, but you can customize the pattern slightly so they stand out on their own.

Rings and bracelets are essential accessories for any outfit. You don’t need a full set, but one or two rings on each finger and some bracelets will do the job perfectly.

Shoes and socks are important elements to consider when styling your look, as they can add a professional touch to any ensemble. Shoes provide the perfect finishing touch, while socks add an edge to work or casual looks alike.

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