Oxford Shoes – A Staple in Every Gentleman’s Wardrobe

Oxford shoes are a staple of men’s footwear, suitable for almost any outfit.

Oxfords come in a wide range of styles, so it’s essential to choose the one that meets your requirements. Whether you’re searching for an Oxford in black or another hue, there’s sure to be something that meets your aesthetic goals.

Cap Toe

Oxford shoes are timeless men’s dress footwear, perfect for black tie events, formal gatherings and job interviews. They go well with tuxedos, dark suit ensembles and even casual outfits like jeans with a pin roll cuff or light grey tee-shirt.

Cap toe Oxfords get their name from the piece of leather stitched over the toe box, creating a “cap.” These shoes typically come in dark brown or black and serve as formal footwear when attending business functions.

Are you searching for a pair of cap toe oxfords that provide comfort while still having the classic appeal you expect from classic oxfords? Cole Haan’s cap toe Warren Oxfords are the perfect solution! Crafted with buttery soft Italian full-grain leather, these shoes will make an excellent addition to your footwear collection!


If you’re searching for a versatile shoe, oxfords are an excellent option. They come in numerous styles and can be paired with many different outfits.

Brogues are an oxford shoe with perforations on the upper. They often go with jeans and chinos, but can also be dressed up for formal events with a suit.

Brogues were originally worn as outdoor shoes in Scotland and Ireland, featuring functional perforations that let moisture escape from the leather. Later they were transformed into formal dress shoes, becoming a staple item in men’s wardrobes.


The Whole-Cut style is one of the most sophisticated and refined oxford shoes. Constructed from one piece of leather, this type of shoe features a closed lacing system for added security.

Shoes of this style tend to be more costly to produce and require high-quality leathers that are free from spots or imperfections. As there is no way to strategically sew pieces together to conceal flaws, the quality of the leather must be superior.

Black wholecuts are ideal for formal occasions, while brown and tan make great choices for more casual outfits. Whether you select a pair of wingtip or cap toe Oxfords depends on your dress code; either way they make great additions to any wardrobe!


Oxford shoes are classic footwear styles that provide comfort and come in various colors. Additionally, these shoes are easy to clean and maintain for optimal longevity.

The Saddle style oxford shoe is a popular choice among those seeking traditional footwear. These shoes feature an additional piece of leather on the instep that creates a distinct saddle shape, in contrast to the rest of the shoe.

Saddles were originally designed as men’s sport shoes but soon gained popularity among women as well. At first, they came in black and white combinations but, eventually, could be found in any color combination – including two-tone!


The Spectator style of oxford shoes, also known as “correspondent shoes,” is one of the signature looks among classic men’swear. Any man with an appreciation for high-style must own these timeless classics.

Traditionally, spectator shoes featured an upper constructed from brilliant white buckskin that contrasted beautifully with dark calfskin portions of the shoe. However, now there are numerous other options to choose from that will enable you to craft your own distinctive two-toned aesthetic.

You could also opt for a more casual vibe by selecting shoes made of suede. Suede offers a softer, more comfortable feel and complements the two-toned styling of this shoe perfectly.

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