Streetwear Fashion and Urban Style For Men

Streetwear fashion and urban style have become essential elements of men’s wardrobes. This broad movement encompasses skate and surf culture, K-Pop music, sports, as well as haute couture fashion.

Men’s streetwear is currently driven by oversized silhouettes, which will remain popular in the coming seasons. Classic pieces such as the rugby polo shirt and baggy chinos in neutral tones will remain essential components of casual streetwear collections.

Fear of God

Fear of God is an LA-based label founded by designer Jerry Lorenzo that blends nineties grunge with modern hip-hop aesthetics. It’s been a favorite choice for celebrities such as Justin Bieber, with its effortless hoodies and track pants being popular choices for men and boys of all ages.

Lorenzo, the son of a former Major League Baseball manager, was raised with sports and American culture at his fingertips. Eventually, he ventured into fashion – though his brand stands apart from others by not being designed for mass commercial success.

In 2018, Lorenzo launched Fear of God Essentials, an accessible diffusion line offering high-end yet simplistic basics like hoodies and T-shirts. Through this endeavor, he hopes to connect with younger fans who cannot afford his luxury collections while also legitimizing what he’s doing on a larger scale.


Puma is one of the world’s renowned sports brands and has an illustrious past. It was founded by brothers Rudolf and Adi Dassler who inherited their father’s shoe factory. For 28 years they operated together until a disagreement between them arose.

Today, Puma is one of the top three sportswear brands worldwide, producing sneakers, apparel, and accessories.

Puma’s iconic jumping cat logo, created in 1967 by Nuremberg cartoonist Lutz Backes, has become iconic to their brand and can be found on all shoes and clothing they sell.

The brand has collaborated with a number of renowned designers and influencers, such as The Weeknd, Winnie Harlow, and Nipsey Hussle. Most recently, New York legend Dapper Dan reimagined Puma’s classic T7 tracksuit, Clyde sneakers, and embellished tees for its new collaboration.


Streetwear fashion and urban style for men have become prominent elements in the mainstream fashion landscape. Drawing inspiration from skate and surf culture, streetwear clothing offers a relaxed yet still fashionable aesthetic.

No matter if you’re searching for casual tees, hoodies, or sneakers, there’s something here for everyone. Some brands specialize in an edgier aesthetic while others focus on functionality.

Veirdo is an Ahmedabad-based clothing lifestyle brand that manufactures and markets t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, joggers, and jackets for both men and women. Established in 2016 by techies Dhaval Ahir, Piyush Ganatra, and Amardeep Jadeja, Veirdo hopes to reach Rs 150 crore in revenue by 2023.

Veirdo currently sells its apparel on its own website as well as popular e-commerce platforms like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, AJIO, Limeroad, Snapdeal, Udaan, and IndiaMart. Furthermore, Veirdo plans to open retail stores shortly.


Fashion is a rapidly-evolving industry, with new trends and styles emerging on a daily basis. While some trends may be temporary, others become classic staples of both runways and streets alike.

Streetwear has been a perennial favorite among men for several seasons now. This style typically combines classic and modern elements, emphasizing comfort and performance.

Streetwear brands come in all price points, from high-end designer labels to functional styles that fit any budget. Nike is an iconic example with their iconic swoosh and quality athletic wear; perfect for starting your collection off right!

Veirdo and Adro are two popular streetwear brands that offer high-quality styles and designs. Veirdo stands out for its bold graphic tees, while Adro offers comfortable materials with practical details like pockets or drawstrings at a fraction of the cost of high-end alternatives. Shop these pieces today to take advantage of great deals!

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