The Latest Trends in Men’s Jewelry and Accessories

Men’s jewelry and accessories have quickly become an excellent way to elevate your style. No matter the event or just wanting an update for existing accessories, we have something that’s sure to suit.

These trends for 2022 include everything from chain necklaces and beaded jewelry to stackable bracelets and pearls! So be prepared to rock them all this year.

Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are essential pieces in any modern man’s jewelry wardrobe, adding subtle yet versatile style to his ensemble.

Chain necklaces make the ideal accent piece or can even stand alone as a statement piece. There are various kinds of chain necklaces, with those featuring cross or dog tags being particularly popular choices.

Rope chains are another highly-desirable style of men’s necklaces. These segmented chains resemble fabric weaves and can be worn solo or stacked to form an attractive bracelet look.

Men’s necklace trends have proven extremely popular with both celebrities and customers, providing an effective means of de-gendering male chains in this category.

Metal chains made of silver or gold can make for an excellent way to add some shine and personality to a man’s wardrobe, without spending a great deal on jewelry. Furthermore, this style may appeal to men who may be reluctant to spend a significant sum. Furthermore, men looking to expand their jewelry repertoire but remain on a tight budget can find these versatile accessories an ideal way to do just that!

Men looking for a chain necklace without becoming overly chunky should select one between 2-6 mm wide; this ensures the necklace fits appropriately with any pendants you may be holding on its chain.

Length is another essential factor when choosing the appropriate necklace length. Most men prefer wearing 50 cm (20″) necklaces as this length falls at their collarbone between the top buttons on a shirt, making them look nice regardless of whether there is a pendant hanging off it or not.

Keep thicker locks comfortable by opting for box chains, curb chains, marina chains, and Figaro chains instead.

If you’re searching for the ultimate accessory, a gold chain may be just what’s needed. While there are various varieties available today, those made of solid gold tend to be the most desired.

Beaded Necklaces

Beaded necklaces spotted on spring runways by Givenchy, Miu Miu, and Tory Burch can add an elegant edge to any ensemble. Beaded pieces look especially great around the neck and collarbone area where they add a flirtatious flair that draws attention away from any imperfections in clothing.

Beads come in many shapes and materials, from metal and glass to hand-painted beads with vivid hues. Many also find natural materials like seashells or wood appealing.

Beaded necklace design should focus on proportion. A properly fitted necklace should fit around your neck comfortably without falling too low or high and potentially becoming caught on doorknobs and choking you.

Consider also the size and type of beads. Smaller beads are easier to work with; however, too large will overwhelm the necklace. Use pendants or rings with smaller pendants for additional detail.

The material choice of chain or cord can also be an important consideration. Gold-coated chains tend to be popular; however, silver can also be an ideal option. Also, take into account any associated costs.

Based on your necklace style, select a clasp with enough strength and polish for daily wear and tear. Furthermore, search for chains with sturdy but polished finishes for optimal results.

Men’s jewelry trends for 2022 focus on breaking stereotypes. Designers are emphasizing bold colors and experimental designs; expect more animal motifs, minimalist bracelets, and personalized jewelry this year.

Men’s jewelry and accessories trends will inspire you to change up your look if you are willing to experiment! When the experimentation pays off, you’ll be glad that it happened!

For example, if you’re seeking beaded wristlets to add texture and comfort, braided leather bracelets offer great texture while being easy to wear. For something more substantial and substantial you could try beaded chain bracelets; or if budget constraints prevent that, opt for simple wooden bead necklaces instead!

Stacking Bracelets

Men’s jewelry and accessories trends today revolve around stacking bracelets – layering multiple wrist accessories together for an effortlessly cool look that showcases your individuality. By stacking bracelets you can add dimension and depth to any ensemble whether dressing for work or casually at nightlife events.

Bracelets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials – making them an essential piece in your jewelry arsenal. Experiment with metals, gemstones, and beads to create your own distinctive style!

Are you searching for an effortless way to add texture and movement to your stack of bracelets and cuffs? Consider circular beads. Their irregular surface creates visual interest while adding movement and versatility to any look.

Create texture by mixing different material bracelets together in your stack. Leather, enameled pieces and vintage Bakelite bracelets all work great as modern additions to a bracelet stack.

Add interest and dimension to your bracelet stack by mixing bracelets of various thicknesses – this can provide both variety and balance to the pieces in your stack, but be careful not to go too far with it!

An effective combination when it comes to stacking bracelets is to combine metal cuffs and bangles of various metal tones; gold, silver, or rose gold will work best depending on your personal style.

Instead, take a more subdued approach by layering one solid metal cuff and two dainty bangles on each wrist – this creates an eye-catching stack that goes well with many styles of clothing.

Charm bracelets are another popular option for creating a stacked bracelet ensemble, but can become overwhelming if worn more than three at a time. Their numerous charms may easily dominate an otherwise elegant arrangement.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing in a watch with your stacking bracelets for some added dimension and contrast while unifying both pieces together. This simple move will enhance your ensemble.

Pearl Bracelets

Men’s jewelry and accessories have taken an important step toward emphasizing natural beauty, from stackable bracelets to necklaces with charms – they offer an easy way to elevate one’s appearance and leave an impression-lasting impression.

Pearl bracelets make an elegant and timeless accessory, which makes them the ideal addition to your wardrobe or gift. Perfect for casual and formal wear alike, you won’t find this timeless piece going out of style anytime soon!

There is an assortment of pearl bracelets to choose from, including bangles and cuffs. Bangles feature rigid metal circles that encircle your wrist while cuffs can slip over it with the help of clasps to fasten.

One of the most versatile and eye-catching types of pearl bracelets are those featuring pendant charms hanging from them, offering a range of different looks from small pebble charms to diamond-shaped pendants.

Pearl bracelets that feature a string of small or large pearls that encircle your wrist are another popular option, from rice pearls and large freshwater pearls to baroque pearls with their distinctive feminine appearance.

Pearls may typically be white in color; however, bracelets adorned with them in subtle hues like peach or pink may also be found. Even better still is finding something with Tahitian black pearls for that extra special touch!

Pearl bracelets stand out as unique jewelry styles because of their subtle beauty and attention-grabbing potential. They have plenty of subtle sophistication yet still manage to draw the eye and make an impactful statement.

As one of the essential pieces in any wardrobe, bracelets are an integral component that should fit both your style and budget. At JAXXON we offer a selection of pearl bracelets for men in various styles and sizes that can help achieve just this goal.

From classic white pearls to eye-catching black varieties, we have everything you need to craft the ideal pearl bracelet. Choose from the Lagos Luna collection – featuring modern takes on traditional pearl bracelet designs – or the John Hardy Legends Naga series inspired by Bali mythology that uses asymmetrical freshwater pearls – you are sure to find one that complements your personal style perfectly.

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